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800% increase forecast for AD industry


Looking ahead to UK AD & Biogas 2012, Environmental Parliamentarian of the year Lord Redesdale has called the present energy generation of the UK AD industry and its potential to achieve an 800% increase by 2020“incredible'.

Lord Redesdale, ADBA Chairman said:

'It is incredible that with only 78 plants built outside of the water industry, the UK AD industry is already delivering over four times more electricity than solar PV.

“That is despite gaps in government support, a lack of coherent strategy for how we deal with waste and no strategy for how biogas should best be used.

“There is a huge number of plants in planning and interest in the sector is growing. With the right support from government, we could see an eightfold increase in renewable energy from AD by 2020.

“There’s no clearer symbol of the industry’s growth and potential than UK AD & Biogas, which next week will feature 200 exhibitors – up from 74 in 2010.

“This is clear evidence supporting the role of the UK as a world leader in renewable energy. The estimate of what the industry could deliver, in such a short time frame, with adequate support, with the barriers removed, and with the recognition it deserves, is staggering.'

AD is reaching out to all sectors which can benefit from AD to show where it can be the missing link, to help thousands of businesses grow. This is why the UK AD & Biogas conference focuses specifically on demonstrating the benefits and business case for AD to local authorities, farming, and the food and drink industry. The show includes free advice for farmers on site, through ADBA’s farmers’ consultancy service, and free wider project advice from finance and legal specialists.

AD not only has huge potential in pure energy terms, but as a constant generator of energy it can crucially help to balance the supply and demand issues presented by intermittent generation from other renewables. AD is also central to decarbonising difficult sectors, such as heavy goods transport where emissions have remained stubbornly high, whilst emissions from sectors such as power generation have been falling.

AD also makes significant contributions to food security and the farming industry playing a key role in supporting climate-smart farming.

No other renewable or alternative to fossil fuel can be rolled out as fast with a comparable base load generation as AD.

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