811 call before you Dig Spoof!


Source: Global GPR Service Inc.

Most people who read our blog know that Ground Penetrating Radar is an essential tool used for utility locating. Everyone knows digging, before you have the excavation area surveyed to locate underground utility lines, can be a risky proposition. Although utility locating is a very serious issue, this month I thought I would post a funny video I found on the internet about this subject.

First a little background about the video. You have various resources for utility locating. In most areas in the U.S. and Canada there are one-call services that dispatch utility locators to mark the location of public utilities. For all other buried utilities you can hire a private utility locating service. In the U.S. the FCC has designated 811 as a national one-call number.

To promote this 811 service they have partnered with a very enterprising and entertaining group called iwearyourshirt.com. They recently release the video below I think you may find very funny.

Hopefully this put a little smile on your face. I think what they are promoting is important. If by using humor, more people remember to locate buried utilities before they cause any damage or hurt themselves, it’s a great thing.

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