$868,000 grant to clinton, Iowa, for sewer improvements


EPA has awarded $868,000 to the City of Clinton, Iowa, for improvements to its wastewater system. The construction project is expected to be completed by the spring of 2012.

EPA Region 7 Regional Administrator Karl Brooks said, “This is an investment in environmental protection and infrastructure that will provide long-term economic and health benefits. This grant will partially fund the construction project which is estimated to cost $3.9 million.”

The construction improvements include a lift station and 17,200 feet of new sewer pipe to convey wastewater from the nearby City of Low Moor, Iowa, to the new wastewater treatment plant. This project will improve water quality which will protect community health.

EPA is working with community leaders and the public to meet the growing needs and demands of limited water resources. EPA remains committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for managing and financing infrastructure with public and private partners.

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