$87,010 cooperative agreement to help Ashland residents reduce Toxics in their neighborhoods (KY)


The Ashland-Boyd County Health Department in Ashland, Boyd County, Ky. has been awarded an $87,010 cooperative agreement for local environmental protection projects. The cooperative agreement was awarded under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program to help communities develop collaborative strategies to achieve local environmental protection goals.

Under the CARE program, the health department will create a self-sustaining community-based partnership; help the Ashland community understand its pollutants and risks; set priorities for risk reduction and implement strategies for reducing exposures to local toxic pollutants.

Established in 2005, the EPA CARE program is a competitive cooperative agreement program that offers an innovative way for communities to take action to reduce toxic pollution from numerous sources. Through CARE, communities create local collaborative partnerships that implement local solutions to reduce releases of and minimize exposure to toxic pollutants.

There are two types of CARE cooperative agreements. The smaller Level I cooperative agreements are up to $100,000 each and help communities organize and create collaborative partnerships dedicated to reducing toxics in their local environments. Level II awards are larger – up to $300,000 – and are designed to support communities that have already established broad-based partnerships and have identified the priority toxic risks in the community. Level II communities are further along in the CARE process and are prepared to measure results, implement the risk reduction activities, and become self-sustaining.

More information about CARE and the cooperative agreements is available at: http://www.epa.gov/care

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