883 Basic IC plus – small but powerful


Source: Metrohm AG

Metrohm present the 883 Basic IC plus, their new entry level model to intelligent ion chromatography. The 833 Basic IC plus is Metrohm’s smallest ion chromatograph and has been designed to meet the requirements of schools and universities as well as routine applications in particular.

The 883 Basic IC plus features all the intelligent functions of Metrohm’s high end ion chromatographs. The iColumn technology facilitates the handling of columns and protects them against operational damage. Also included are the intelligent high-pressure pump iPump and the iDetector, Metrohm’s intelligent conductivity detector. Both components guarantee precise results and virtually eliminate operator errors. Moreover, the 883 Basic IC plus is equipped with Metrohm’s «MSM II» Suppressor Module for chemical suppression.
Operation of the 883 can be completely automated. For this, Metrohm offers the 883 Basic IC plus Package, which contains the 863 Compact IC Autosampler as well as the 883 Basic IC plus. This package is tailor-made for routine work and contains everything need for the automation of routine analyses. The 883 Basic IC plus is controlled by the MagIC Net™ Basic software, making operation of the system perfectly easy.

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