A Bio-based Future for the Chemicals and Materials Market

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The concept of competition between natural and synthetic chemicals has a long history. Today, crude oil forms the largest feedstock material for the chemical industry in terms of volume. Currently, an enormous amount of work is being done by the chemical industry to develop both new bio-based chemicals and new bio-based routes to existing chemicals. The aim of this study is to bring together many of the most recent happenings in the market for bio-based chemicals into a more holistic and coherent analysis. It will, therefore, be most valuable to chemical companies that are in the process of formulating their own strategy for using bio-based chemicals.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Summary of Key Findings
A Market for Which All Chemical Companies Must Have a Strategy

2. Factors Affecting Use of Bio-based Chemicals
Introduction to Bio-based Chemicals
Value Chain for Bio-based Chemicals
Mega Trends
Impact of Mega Trends on Bio-based Chemicals
Impact of Sustainability Trends
Different Types of Bio-based Product
Categorising Bio-based Products

3. Source Feedstock Trends
Introduction to Feedstock Trends
Carbohydrate Feedstocks
Natural Sugars as Feedstock
Plant Starch Feedstocks
Lignocellulosic Feedstocks
Other Bio-based Feedstocks
Other Feedstocks

4. End-Market Pull Factors
Construction and Utilities
Overview of Construction Opportunities
Food; Drug and Cosmetics
Food and Agroscience
Cosmetics and Personal Care
Market Potential
OEM Opportunities
End-customer Pull

5. Connecting the Value Chain
Introduction to Value Chain Optimisation
Case Studies of Value Chain Scenarios
Flexibility in Feedstock Supply
Versatility in Product Applications
Flexibility Upstream and Downstream
Segmentation by Building Block Size
C2 Chemicals
C3 Chemicals
C4 Chemicals
C5 Chemicals
C6 Chemicals
Long Chain Basic Building Blocks
Complex Molecules
Getting Bio-based Chemicals to the Market
Harnessing Consumer Awareness
Product Labelling and Certification
Case Study of Natural Personal Care Ingredients

6. Summary and Conclusions
Competitive Conclusions
Industry Challenges
The Importance of Collaboration

Product Conclusions
Bio-based versus Other Sustainability Factors
The Future of Bio-based Chemistry

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