A breakthrough for ambient open path DOAS data


Source: Enviro Technology Services Ltd

A new ‘auto zero system’ which will revolutionise the way in which ambient data from OPSIS open path DOAS systems is calibrated has been launched by air quality monitoring specialist, Enviro Technology.

The new auto zero system will make calibration of all OPSIS open path ambient systems infinitely more precise and will lead the way for acceptance of ambient open path data into the UK National AQ Data Archive.

Over the coming months Enviro Technology’s service engineers will be carrying the new auto zero hardware on regular service visits to ensure that current customer’s data is as accurate as possible.

Enviro Technology will also be offering customers the opportunity to purchase the hardware for permanent installation.

Enviro Technology’s customer support team leader Paul Norman said: “For years those responsible for ambient air quality monitoring have struggled to adequately zero calibrate open path systems.

“Due to this new piece of hardware, ambient open path measurement data will stand up to greater scrutiny and customers can have more confidence in the data being presented due to the levels of accuracy that will be offered.”

The City & Council of Swansea has been the first UK local authority to trial the new auto zero system. Data from its ambient DOAS systems is now being fed into the Welsh National AQ Archive.

For further information please call + 44 (0)1453 733200 or visit the website www.et.co.uk

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