A bridge over the Irish channel for CDEnviro


Source: CDEnviro

One of the largest ever loads to be transported on Northern Ireland’s roads recently left Cookstown, Co Tyrone.

Motorists travelling on the roads of County Tyrone may have encountered the unusual sight of a 37 metre long bridge making its way to Warrenpoint Port.

The sand bridge, which has been manufactured for Thames Water by CDEnviro, travelled from the company’s Cookstown factory to a Water Treatment Works in Reading.

The bridge weighs 35 tonnes and measures 37 metres in length; in transit the equipment was 45 metres in length, which is the same as the width of a football pitch or the length of 3 double decker buses.
A specialised abnormal load trailer was used to transport the bridge on its 500 mile journey across the UK which took 3 days due to the restrictions placed on the movements of loads such as this. 

The project is part of a multi-million pound refurbishment of Fobney Treatment Works by Thames Water and represents a significant achievement for CDEnviro, who specialise in waste recovery and recycling systems and have worked closely with the water and waste water industry in recent years.

Commenting on the project, CDEnviro General Manager, Matt Bunting said “We are delighted to see the project now in its final stage and on the way to be installed at the water treatment site. To have completed a project of this size is a major achievement for CDEnviro in terms of technology, scale and value”

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