“A clear advantage”


Energy Film was recently featured in the June addition of Architectural Record. Special thanks to Jen Renzi for including us in her article. Here is an excerpt from the article…

“Luckily, the current generation of window films offers enhanced clarity and visible-light penetration while better mitigating heat and glare. films that utilize metal nanoparticles to block the sun are among the most effective. “Measured in a billionth of a meter, nanoparticles are small enough to see through, but large enough to absorb wavelengths of energy from the sun,” explains Thomas Hicks, president of Portland-based Energy film. In addition to selling view-control films, the company markets an energy-saving product that boasts year-round benefits. Energy film has been certified to block 97 percent of uV rays and 70 percent of thermal infrared light, thwarting heat gain in the summer and retaining warmth in the winter. The product affixes to glass via cohesion and atmospheric pressure rather than traditional adhesives; once attached, the film sticks indefinitely until removed, and leaves behind no residue. such user-friendliness makes for a more forgiving installation.”

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