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A cure for your fouled oil/water separator


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On July 28th 2011 Mercer International's David Goding and international industry expert Philip D'Angelo put on a complimentary webinar to help engineering, compliance, and maintenance departments reach common ground when assessing the three major questions that relate to removing oil and solids from water:

  • How do I prevent my company from incurring fines and citations?
  • How do I increase the time between maintenance/cleaning schedules and still produce satisfactory effluent?
  • How do I save my company money in regard to our separator equipment?

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About Mercer:

Mercer International is widely recognized as being the highest performance coalescer separator available on the market. However, high efficiency is only one part of that equation. High performance is maintaining high efficiency for long stretches between required maintenance.

Most separators designed for high efficiency require very high maintenance. Many manufactures add secondary mesh packs to help make up for a poorly designed coalescer-resulting in extremely high maintenance requirements. Conversely, separators designed for low maintenance greatly sacrifice performance, leaving the end user with compromised results. This is the 'tension' in coalescer design. Mercer International has mastered the primary coalescer design, allowing both high efficiency and low maintenance-plus the ability to customize in the field (translated: We Have Built a Better Mousetrap!). This is critical to end users that are committed to 'zero tolerance' in regard to exceeding their effluent limitations.

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