A-gas embraces training initiative with cool concerns


Source: A-Gas

A-Gas has a “Solutions Provider” market approach with regard to its supply of specialist gases, which include a wide range of refrigerants, nitrogen and oxy acetylene.  In line with this approach it has teamed up with Cool Concerns Ltd to offer high quality refrigeration and air conditioning training and advice.

With an increased uptake in low GWP refrigerants, such as hydrocarbons and R744, it is vital that appropriate training is on offer.

As Ken Logan, managing director of A-Gas explains: “Regulations change and as lower GWP refrigerants are increasingly adopted it is important that the differences in all processes of handling of refrigerants are understood and proficiency proved before engagement.”

A Gas is a responsible supplier and wants all users and handlers of its products to have relevant knowledge and skills.  The partnership with Cool Concerns Ltd provides the vital link between competence and supply.

“Combining our expertise enables a crossover of knowledge which provides added value for customers” says Jane Gartshore, director of Cool Concerns.

Cool Concerns has been in business since 1991 and is owned and run by Jane Gartshore and Stephen Benton.  Both are refrigeration engineers with several decades of practical experience between them.  They provide both consultancy and training to a wide range of the commercial RAC industry. They have in depth experience of alternative refrigerants, especially hydrocarbons and R744.


A-Gas is a member of the BCGA (British Compressed Gas Association) and endorses their guidelines for safety in use, storage, transportation and handling of Industrial Gases

A-Gas and Cool Concerns Ltd are members of the BRA (British Refrigeration Association) and endorses their guidelines for use of refrigerants and ancillary gases.

Cool Concerns Ltd is an active member of the Institute of Refrigeration and also sits on various European Standards committees.

EN378-4:2008 (Refrigerating systems and heat pumps – Safety and environmental requirements, Operation, maintenance, repair and recovery) specifies that anyone working on flammable refrigerants systems should be trained to include the following:

  • Knowledge of legislation, regulation and standards relating to flammable refrigerants
  • Detailed knowledge of and skill in handling flammable refrigerants, personal protective equipment, refrigerant leakage prevention, handling of cylinders, charging, leak detection, recovery and disposal.

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