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A Horde of Cornell Pumps in Mongolia


Source: Cornell Pump Company

A first-hand account of 14NHGH Redi-Prime® pumps installation, testing, and site training in Mongolia.

Four Cornell 14NHGH Redi-Prime pumps replaced aging Soviet infrastructure in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. Promoting tourism from SE Asia, Europe, and Australia, the Mongolian government has been keen on improving infrastructure. Prior to arrival of the 14NHGH pumps, the treatment plant had been using only two functioning Russian pumps that required special procedures to keep in operation.

Keeping it in operation was a relative term, with the plant often running unreliably, and diverting effluent to the river during peak usage or equipment outages. The Cornell pumps were installed easily. The strange operational protocols used to keep the Russian pumps serviced did cause an initial hiccup, though. In order to start the old units, operators flooded the sump to a level that bypassed the solids screen, thus filling the inlet with solids larger than 4” in diameter. After several days of trying to determine why the new pumps weren’t working at peak efficiency, the operation was halted and pit drained. Inside one 14NHGH, a larger brick was removed from the impeller, while another pump had a tire stuck in its impeller.

After working on better start up procedures, including cleaning out the entire sump and suction piping the pumps worked well. Cornell’s commitment went not only to supply pumps, but field testing them thousands of miles away from the factory, and sending a lead engineer and training team in for a couple weeks’ worth of operation training. Efficient by Design talks not only about our product, but also our service after the sale.

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