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A Jarshire/Impact Air joint venture solution for SCA


Source: Jarshire Ltd

Along with a number of other extraction equipment companies, Jarshire Limited, in conjunction with their joint venture partner Impact Air, was invited by SCA to design a waste extraction system to provide for the clean and efficient removal of cookies – the waste off-cuts created in the production of toilet rolls.

The requirement was to provide auto extraction of the cookie waste, deliver it to a central waste collection installation in order to free-up space in the converting area, improve production efficiency and reduce the volume of fork-lift traffic. Historically cookie waste was accumulated in the 13 log saw areas and then trucked some 150 metres to the central baling area.

In the new turnkey system, extraction hoppers are located adjacent to each of the 13 converting lines/log saws and resulting cookies are automatically extracted via a 137kw fan and Jarshire/Impact separator/rotary valve assembly. The waste is then conveyed directly to a toilet tissue bale press - this press also used to process toilet tissue slab and core waste fed via an inclined conveyor. Reverse jet filter units clean conveying air before returning it to the production area and the dust waste is recycled into compact, high calorific briquettes. A second and adjacent bale press processes kitchen tissue waste whilst, at the same time, providing stand-by facility for the main toilet tissue system.

The system is fully acoustically treated and not only provides effective extraction of production waste to a central area, but also converts all the waste into a totally recyclable format.

The Jarshire and Impact Air collaboration enables the design of complete waste extraction systems from the air inlet nozzles at the side of the production line to the fully automatic baling presses that provide for the complete recycling of waste material. Jarshire balers are available that can process between 5 - 90 tonnes per hour of most materials.

Peter Scott, SCA Project Engineer Prudhoe said: “The trim removal system supplied by Jarshire in conjunction with Impact Air provided us all with some significant challenges, not least of which was the distance the system was required to pull – over 350 metres between points, not allowing for duct routing diversions. Teams from Impact Air and SCA worked together professionally to meet these challenges, culminating in a well-engineered, effective and reliable system. Jarshire / Impact will certainly be contenders in any future developments of this nature here at Prudhoe”.

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