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A laser based game changer - First to measure five in one


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A significant breakthrough at NEO Monitors research division, allows global industries to measure four gases and temperature with just one device. This cutting-edge instrument delivers vast benefits and reduced cost for industries requiring the most accurate analysis of processes.

NEO Monitors’ LaserGasTM iQ² product is the first all-in-one tunable diode laser (TDLS) analyzer for in-situ measurement. The solution is the first to measure four gases (O2, CO, CH4, H2O) and temperature in one unit, which eliminates the need for multiple units for process analysis. Previous analyzers have at the most been able to measure two components in the process.

The groundbreaking functionality in LaserGasTM iQ² ensures that the instrument delivers unmatched reliability, flexibility and durability.

– We presented LaserGasTM iQ² at an industry fair in the US recently and experienced great interest and feedback. Some of the biggest global enterprises within oil and gas were very enthusiastic and expressed that this solution could facilitate fast and easy installation. It will substantially reduce installation and operating cost, whilst improving safety and reliability to better comply with health, safety and environment regulations, says Ketil Gorm Paulsen, CEO at NEO Monitors.

Oil & gas and chemical industries are the ones that would benefit the most from this solution, with reduced cost, less time/need for maintenance and uptime like no other analyzer on the market. Installation time and cost are reduced substantially since one just need cabling on one side – not both as previously.

- We have great hopes for our LaserGasTM iQ² solution. It is a complete gamechanger and will transform our market as we know it. Our customers will be able to optimize and increase their control over its processes. They will be able to better comply with regulations relevant to process and increase safety through better knowledge of gas concentrations and temperature inside stacks. Identification of faults and errors will be quick and precise. The solution is based on a proven technology platform, says Paulsen.

With innovative design and extraordinary spectroscopically and optical solutions, the customer receives an accurate and reliable analyzer solving application needs relevant to FCC units, package boilers, process heaters, electrostatic precipitators, VCM waste gas recovery, reformer gas, incineration, etc.

By providing a design for 3 configurations with one transceiver, the installation cost is substantially reduced. Customers may replace existing zirconia style probes or extractive type point analyzers. This could typically be where the explosion risks or high maintenance issues arise.

Benefits from new functionality:

  • Up to five measuring components in one analyzer O2, CO, CH4, H2O and temperature
  • Considerably reduced installation costs
  • Can handle a typical process control up to 1200 °C
  • Designed for 3 configurations – cross stack, one-flange with probe and open path
  • Double path length increases absorption signal for low concentration
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to other technologies
  • The design gives flexibility in introducing new gases and combinations

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