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A lead in sorting equipment technology underlined by trademark protection


Source: Steinert GmbH

Several new products were launched in recent years by STEINERT, the sorting equipment specialist from Cologne. The main objective for the development of this equipment is the raising of the efficiency of the sorting centres.

In order to give a name to this special equipment, a number of brand names for individual developments were therefore given international protection in recent years.

This currently applies to the Hybrid Drum®, the most recent stage of development of the magnetic drum which has been successful in the shredder industry. Here the magnetic system not only has electro-magnetic coils but also has permanently magnetic components. For equipment of the same size and the same successful sorting rate this leads to an increase in throughput of around 30%.

Further trademark rights exist for sensor sorting systems, such as the induction sorting system ISS®, the colour sorting system FSS® and the X-ray sorting system XSS®. Trademark rights have also been applied for international markets for the new CanMaster eddy current separator.

In the future STEINERT will continue to press on with technological and business developments, be it through a constant improvement in the existing series of machines or through the presentation of new sorting procedures and processes.

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