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A-LOK® Premium™

Designed to produce a guaranteed watertight seal between pipe and concrete, the A•LOK® Premium™ flexible pipe-to-manhole compression connector provides maximum performance on the job site. Its unique design not only saves valuable project time, but also ensures longevity and offers unsurpassed environmental benefits.

A-LOK® Premium™ connectors prevent infiltration and ex-filtration into wastewater or stormwater systems. They are installed in the precast structure in a way that does not require coring or placement after the base component is cast. This eliminates residual waste from coring, disposal of the slugs or wasted raw material utilization or energy. Once cast-in, the connector becomes an integral component of the structure wall.


Extruded from compounds formulated for wastewater applications and engineered to conform to the requirements of ASTM F-2510 and ASTM C-923 the standard rubber connector is also available in alternative compounds upon request. Contact an A•LOK representative regarding special applications, such as the presence of hydrocarbons.


Axial Deflection of Pipe (Angular) - 10 degrees

Outside Diameter of Pipe Deflection from Loading – 5%


A-LOK® Premium™ connectors appear to be a solid in the everyday meaning of the word, but under differential loading or pipe deflection instantaneously reacts and redistributes its visco-elastic dynamic core material to maintain circumferential sealing pressure. Visco-elasticity behavior is made possible by introducing a blend of environmentally friendly fibers, binders, polymers and congealing agents to the connector core which provides a dynamic non-compressible 100% solid within the annular space between the concrete structure wall and the outside diameter of the pipe. In most installations, this material will remain equally distributed throughout the core of the connector, provided proper pipe bedding practices have taken place. In the event that short-term or long-term deflection of the pipe outside diameter begins to occur, the core material has the ability to detect the minutest change in shape and dimension and react by redistributing the blended materials to maintain proper sealing compression.

A combination of the fibers and congealing agents prevents any material escape through absorption, minor punctures or tears should they occur and internal forces created during coupling and service.

A-LOK® Premium™ has been successfully tested to ASTM F2510 observing 5% deflection in outside diameter dimensions observing as well as ASTM C923 observing a plus or minus .375” off nominal dimensions .

Benefits and advantages include:

1. Functioning on pure compression, the Premium allows for fast and easy field installation. After the pipe is beveled and the connector and pipe are cleaned and lubricated, the pipe is simply centered in the connector and inserted. Backfilling can be done immediately, thus enhancing project safety and overcoming the typical problems of water, running sand and other unstable trench conditions.

2. Efficient geometry that lowers coupling force required to insert pipe in both radius and flat wall connector designs. Lower coupling force translates to quicker and easier installation.

3. Increases the upper and lower nominal pipe diameter tolerance over conventional compression connector designs and increases in axial deflection up to XX degree omnidirectional

4. Connector can compensate 5% deflection of the outside diameter of pipe being sealed. Dynamic self-sealing core material can compensate for changes in dimensions and physical eccentricity

5. Available in a range of sizes from 12” through 48” utilizing existing A-LOK mandrels

6. Backed by standard A-LOK Watertight Guarantee

7. As with our A-LOK standard on larger-diameter pipe, where size prohibits a gasket from being installed in a flat plane, the Premium can be configured for casting in a curve with the connector staying perpendicular to the center line of the pipe. Discovered through years of extensive research and development, the configurations cause no loss of compression or deflection.


The A-Lok Premium guaranteed connector meets or exceeds all material and test requirements outlined in ASTM F-2510” ASTM C-923: “Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures, Pipes and Laterals.”

Molded or extruded from compounds formulated for wastewater applications, the standard rubber connector is engineered to confirm with the requirements of ASTM F-2510. Alternative compounds are available upon special request.

Resilient Test Requirements of A.S.T.M F-2510

Test Results ASTM Method
Chemical resistance
1 N Sulfuric Acid
1 N Hydrochloric Acid
No weight loss
No weight loss
As 22*C for 48h
Tensile strength 1200 psi or 8.5 Mpa, min D 412
Elongation at break 350% min.
Hardness +/- 5 from mfg’s specified hardness D 2240 (Shore A durometer)
Accelerated oven-aging Decr. Of 15%, max of original tensile strength, decr. Of 20% max. of elongation D 573
70 +/- 1*C for 7 days
Compression set Decr. Of 25% max. or original deflection D 395, Method B, at 70*C for 22h
Water absorption Increase of 10%, max. of original by weight D 471, immerse 0.75 by 2-in, or 19 by 25-mm Specimen in distilled water at 70*C for 48h
Ozone resistance Rating 0 D 1171
Low-temp brittle point No fracture at -40*C D 746
Tear resistance 200 lbf / in. or 34 kn /m D 624, Method B


One size A-Lok Premium connector will fir a larger range of nominal outside pipe diameters than any connector we have ever manufactured. This extra flexibility now allows a precaster to use mandrels that are .375 of an inch larger or smaller than the OD of the pipe.

For example: you own a #625 mandrel which seats a nominal pipe O.D. of 16.25”. With our new A-Lok Premium connector that mandrel can now be used to seal pipe diameters of 15.87” to 16.625”.

Maximum Pipe OD Based on Manhole Diameter and Pipe Angles Using A-Lok Premium Connectors.

Manhole Diameter 135* - 225* Pipe Angle 90* Pipe Angle
42” 26.5” 22.0”
48” 31.5” 25.0”
60” 42.0” 32.0”
72” 52.5” 38.0”
84” 59.5” 44.0”
96” 73.5” 50.0”
108” 76.0” 56.0”
120” 85.0” 62.0”


A flexible pipe to manhole connector shall be used whenever a pipe penetrates into a precast concrete manhole or structure. The connector shall be The A-Lok Premium Connector as manufactured by A-Lok Products, Inc., Tullytown, PA or approved equal.

The design of the connector shall provide a flexible, watertight seal between the pipe and concrete structure. The connector shall assure that a seal is made between:

1. The connector and the structure wall by casting the connector integrally with the structure wall during the manufacturing process in a manner that it will not pull out during pipe coupling. The connector shall also be capable of being cast into a round structure by curving the connector in a manner that allows it to remain centrally located within the structure wall and perpendicular to the pipe. This configuration will reset in no loss of seal or deflection of pipe entering a concrete structure.

2. The seal between the connector and the pipe shall be made by the compression of the connector between the outside circumference of the pipe and the interior hole opening of the structure. The connector shall be the only component to affect the seal between the pipe and structure.

The connector shall be made from materials that conform to the physical and chemical requirements outlined in Section 4, “Materials and Manufacture” of ASTM C-923 Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures, Pipes, and Laterals, and the overall design will meet or exceed Section 7 “Test Methods and Requirements” of ASTM F-2510, as well as ASTM C-923. This connector shall be sized specifically for the type of pipe being used and shall be installed in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Step 1:
Confirm that the pipe surface is smooth, clean and free of foreign materials, chips, gouges and form seams due to manufacturing or handling. Slightly bevel any sharp or blunt edges caused by the cutting of the pipe.

Step 2:
Lubricate the connector and the entire section of the pipe that will be inserted into the connector.

Step 3:
Center the pipe and connector square to each other and insert the pipe into the connector using a bar or back hoe depending on the size. Once the pipe is coupled with the connector, deflect the structure or pipe to achieve the proper angle.

To ensure the A-Lok Premium connector remains a flexible watertight connector, it is A-Lok Products, Inc. strong recommendation that no mortar be placed between the pipe and wall of the concrete structure. The use of mortar in this area would decrease the effectiveness of the connector to compensate for shear caused by settlement or ground movement.

To find approximate subgrade, measure from the outside base of the structure to the junction of the connector and flat spot. Then add the wall thickness of the pipe plus ¼ inch.

When installing pipe stubs for future pipeline installation, all stubs must be properly restrained to prevent any movement by means other than the A-Lok Premium Connector.

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