European Commission, Joint Research Centre

A look at the EU`s research on electric cars


Electrified vehicles will be a key technology for future urban commuting, improving urban air quality and reducing dependence on oil and other fossil fuels. Electro-mobility is part of the alternative fuels mix promoted in the 'Clean Power for Transport' legislative package launched by the Commission on 25 January 2013. The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has gathered information on more than 320 research, development and demonstration (R,D&D) projects on electric cars, with a total budget of €1.9 billion (65% fom public funding) to assess the potential gaps in the European R,D&D landscape. While this confirms that many R,D&D activities in this field are currently performed in Europe, the JRC report states that an increased exchange of information and more coordination between projects would result in a better leverage of the investments. This report will be a significant input for the European Electromobility Observatory launched by the European Commission early this year.

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