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A-Metrics restructures management team


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A-Metrics, LLC announced the appointment of W. Richard (Rick) Webster as the firm’s general manager and chief executive officer. Prior to being named CEO Webster served as Chief Financial Officer for the company.

A-Metrics has also formed a new scientific advisory board to help enhance efforts to maximize commercial application of its innovative linear measurement device that operates as a basic transducer for sensors. The device can be used for seismic infra-wave detection, minute barometric pressure changes, sonar, medical imaging technologies and other advances.

Ron Calhoun, president of The REMI Group, Dr. Patrick Gardner, principal scientist at the Western Carolina University Center for Rapid Product Realization, and Geoffrey Pitts, managing director at Theta Technologies, bring a wealth of complementary experience to the new board.

Educated at The Citadel and Clemson University, Calhoun has extensive experience in both the healthcare and public entity sectors, facilitating the development of several healthcare-centric products and services to meet ever-changing financial and strategic needs within the provider community. He is a member of the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management and the American Health Lawyers Association.

Patrick Gardner, Ph.D., is a retired colonel in the U.S. Air Force, where he led research, development, acquisition and test of aircraft control systems, munitions guidance, electro-optical sensors, directed energy systems and chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives detectors. Gardner is also former chief scientist for detection and countermeasures at General Dynamics Corporation, where he collaborated with a team of experts in the research, development and manufacture of chemical, biological and explosives detection systems; chemical and biological countermeasures and decontamination systems; and infrared threat detection and countermeasures systems.

Pitts owns and leads an innovative technology portfolio company based in the university city of Exeter in southwest England. Theta Technologies' rapidly growing intellectual property portfolio reflects some of the most advanced concepts in sensor technology today. Through careful selection of projects after rigorous scientific evaluation, the company is developing a broad-based technology portfolio in developmental stages ranging from 'blue skies' concept to pre-production sensor prototypes.

With patents in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim, Charlotte-based A-Metrics LLC makes its transducer technology available to companies and institutions worldwide for licensing, purchase, or joint ventures. To learn more about the companies technologies, goals and opportunities, contact Rick Webster, wrwebster@a-metrics.net or www.a-metrics.net.

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