A new digital Xray panel system


Source: Geomorph Instruments

This is the smallest DDA (Digital Detector Array) in the XPro series. This uniquely compact and lightweight unit encompasses spectacular X-ray capabilities with convenient packaging in a single case or backpack, which also serves as its operational platform. This highly accurate device is easily set up and user friendly, allowing inspections to be carried out with minimum interference to the production and maintenance.
With a physical of 195 x 125 x 35 mm (7.67 X 4.92 X 1.37”) (without the removable handle) and a weight of about 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lbs.), this super mobile DDA is smaller and lighter than any portable X-ray system produced by Vidisco today.
BoltXPro is a small device, yet it offers extraordinary imaging capacities:

  • Extraordinary Resolution of up to 6.6 lp/mm
  • Current industrial NDT standard supported
  • Viewing area of  115 X 145 mm (4.5 X 5.7”)
  • Imaging from 6mm on the sides
  • Plug & Play with XPro Series systems and compatible with XPro Series accessories
  • Smooth operation with propriety XbitPro software for advanced image analysis
  • Rugged design

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