A new dimension in flexibility



The DR 2800 Spectrophotometer opens up totally new opportunities for systematic water analysis. As part of the HACH LANGE system made up of a photometer, reagents and services, this robust instrument is ideal for routine analysis. The user selects the individual parameters and methods that suit his operational situation. All test data are pre-programmed in the DR 2800 for maximum user convenience.

The evaluation of the Cuvette Tests is the ultimate in simplicity. Just insert the cuvette - everything else is automatic. A laser identifies the cuvette from its barcode. As the cuvette rotates, it is measured 10 times. Any readings that are distorted by soiling on the cuvette are automatically eliminated. The measurement result is shown immediately in mg/l. All without even having to push a button!

And there is much more to the DR 2800. Measurements can be carried out in the open cuvette compartment, thus saving time. Interference from background light is eliminated by the innovative optical system. The generously proportioned backlit graphic touchscreen makes operating child's play. Clearly organised menus guide the user easily to his goal, and user methods can be quickly programmed. In the field, the backlighting can be switched off to save energy, allowing up to 40 hours of battery-powered operation. There is storage capacity for 50 user-specific tests and up to 500 measured values. The USB port facilitates lightning fast updates and data backups.

The DR 2800 is available on its own or as a complete portable laboratory.

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