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A new energy-friendly collaboration


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Nordjysk Elhandel and Skousen Husholdningsmaskiner have set up a new form of collaboration, which enables customers to pay for their white goods via their electricity bill - interest-free. The concept started at the beginning of 2007 and is the first of its kind in Denmark. The next time you need a new freezer or a dishwasher, you can choose a new way of paying at Skousen Husholdningsmaskiner. Since the 27th of December Skousen has allowed clients to pay for their purchases via their electricity bill over four years, interest-free. The client pays only the purchase price, plus a fee of 500 kroner (?67) This new idea has the advantage that the consumer can choose a high-quality ecological and energy- saving product, even if they don't have the financial means at that moment. 'As there is no interest, the consumer pays off the purchase price directly. The amounts are so low that most customers can buy what they really need instead of what they can afford at the moment', says Erik Skousen, head administrator at Skousen Husholdningsmaskiner. At a time where it is vital to think about future environmental solutions, this new kind of collaboration is a good initiative.   


Bo Lynge Rydahl, administrative director at Nordjysk Elhandel explains: 'This collaboration is a good opportunity for consumers to replace their old inefficient appliances with new energy saving products. We offer a competitive price, and the clients pay for their new machines on the electricity bill, exactly where they will see the savings made by using the new products'. The collaboration between Skousen Husholdningsmaskiner and Nordjysk Elhandel is the result of the common ambition of two different companies to find innovative solutions to serve clients better. Skousen is one of the main domestic appliance retailers, and Nordjysk Elhandel is the third biggest electricity company in the country. The collaboration between Skousen Husholdingsmaskiner and Nordjysk Elhandel is the first of this kind in Denmark. The new concept is available throughout the country; anyone can buy white goods at Skousen and pay for them quarterly on the electricity bill. If you are not a client of Nordjysk Elhandel, you just have to change to a StabilEl-contract with Nordjysk Elhandel. StabilEl guarantees the customer a good price without excessive price rises. Since the 1st of January 2003 it has been possible for households to choose their electricity supplier, and Skousen Husholdningsmaskiner helps the clients to move.  

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