A new era of sustainability performance management


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SoFi 5, the new Enterprise Sustainability Performance solution by PE INTERNATIONAL, received a warm welcome by customers and market experts alike.

With the highly anticipated introduction of the software in April 2012, PE enters into a new era of sustainability performance management solutions that leverage sustainability content to help organizations transform sustainability data into insights and implement the most profitable sustainability initiatives. SoFi 5 features 15,000 industry benchmarks; 130,000 impact profiles (emission factors and risk profiles) as well as 130,000 due diligence projects including implementation cost and Return On Investment.

Newest release one year ahead of competition

In previews and launch briefings, industry analysts praised the intuitive gap analysis and powerful benchmarking against industry averages and complemented the effortless drill-down into sustainability performance indicators. Especially, the intelligent diagnostics engine that intuitively produces recommendations based on a company’s industry sector and site location was perceived as “at least one year ahead of competitive offerings” by a market insider familiar with other sustainable business solutions.

Customers are raving about new enterprise solution

In an exclusive webinar series corporate managers experienced live how they can achieve improved Enterprise Sustainability Performance with SoFi 5. Afterwards, participating SoFi clients such as Dole, Adidas and EAC as well as sustainability professionals from other organizations raved about the new software solution. As one client, who currently manages sustainability performance indicators for over 200 sites in SoFi, put it: “The new SoFi 5 software has blown us away. Last year, we chose SoFi 4.3 because it was the only environmental performance management solution that met our expectations. But SoFi 5 has now raised the bar again, going beyond our expectations.”

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If you missed the SoFi 5 launch webinars and would like to catch up on Enterprise Sustainability Performance, register now for our next webinar “Experience Enterprise Sustainability Performance in new SoFi 5 - live!”

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