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A new interactive guide for oil refineries


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METTLER TOLEDO has recently launched an interactive guide for oil refineries that gives a comprehensive overview of relevant industry standards, descriptions of relevant tests and an overview of proposed measurement solutions.

Refinery Labs are mostly working 24-hour shifts and are expected to provide data faster, to continuously decrease lab operating cost and to perform more analyses with the same complement of staff.  Additionally, all methods used must strictly comply with industry standards, such as ASTM, UOP or IP.

To provide a comprehensive overview over the manifold methods and relevant standards, METTLER TOLEDO has created the interactive refinery guide (, detailing the refinery process including all product streams. The guide summarizes the respective standard procedures to be obeyed for each product and presents METTLER TOLEDO's solution for each analysis. In order to assist lab managers with budgetary constraints, feature benefits of the solutions are explained, so that the value of updating a piece of kit can be clearly communicated to senior management.

In addition to the above, there is the option to download the 'Petrochemical News Digest' a booklet that contains applications and case studies, relevant to refineries and petrochemical laboratories, to support daily analysis tasks.

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