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A new low cost system for successfully reducing heating costs in buildings.


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Airius Europe, a new company to Europe, finally has the answer to destratification problems in buildings. Airius systems can efficiently utilise wasted heat which sits in ceiling areas of buildings and effectively re-use this energy to equalise the interior temperatures and dramatically reduce heating costs. Most companies are surprised and unaware at the difference in temperature between the floor and ceiling in buildings. To keep the first two meters at floor level comfortable, temperatures at ceiling height can easily exceed at least three times that of the floor. Airius says “unless you have a good reason to heat the ceiling, and we can’t think of one, that’s a huge waste of energy and money”. There are many cost saving advantages to be had using the Airius System. Hot or cool air can be easily moved at any angle to any part of a building without having to use duct work. Easy to install into new build or retro fit, Airius works from single phase with extremely low power consumption and requires near zero maintenance. Airius customers are experiencing large heating cost reductions of between 25% and 50% and the internal atmospheres are greatly improved for the benefit of employees.

Airius units are very cost effective therefore enabling a fast return on investment. Airius units can be used in office and open plan buildings with ceiling heights from 3m to 18m and come in two formats for suspended ceilings and open roof areas. The Airius system has been analysed and tested by BISRIA, the highly respected UK independent building product research company. A full copy of their report is available on request or can be downloaded from the Airius web site. The Airius system is unique in the way it equalises temperatures as well as being a major contributor in reducing carbon footprints.

Over the past 8 months Airius Europe has installed systems into a number of companies such as ALSTOM Transport Ltd for railway carriage maintenance sheds, BAA - Southampton Airport, Majestic Wines – retails stores, C Brewer & Sons Ltd – an edge of town retailer with 120 stores nationwide, Newtownabbey Borough Council for a leisure centre, Thales Defence Systems, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd – Car manufacturer, to name but a few. Currently Airius Europe is working very closely with four major supermarket chains on a number of destratification projects and has quoted many companies in diverse industry sectors such as airports, defence contactors, tyre manufacturers, district and county councils, police forces, greenhouse users and museums etc. These companies, all of whom have very different types of buildings with their own individual destratification problems, understand they can realise massive heating cost savings as well as make significant contributions to carbon footprint reduction by using the Airius System.

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