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A new “make it safe” guide to food safety


CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences has released a book – Make It Safe: A Guide to Food Safety – which provides small-scale food manufacturers with a practical guide to controlling food safety hazards.

The Leader of CSIRO’s Enhanced Food Benefit and Safety Theme, Dr Kari Gobius, says the book translates sometimes complex descriptions of food safety practices and requirements into simple, easy-to-understand English.

“Those already operating a small business will develop a better understanding of key food safety systems, while those who are in the ‘start-up’ phase will gain knowledge essential to providing their businesses with a solid food safety foundation,” Dr Gobius says. “It also contains a handy reference guide to the relevant Australian regulations.”

Small businesses make up around two-thirds of all business in Australia’s food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Make It Safe should also prove useful to tertiary students studying food technology or hospitality industry courses.

All people involved with the preparation of food for commercial or retail markets need a sound understanding of the food safety risks associated with their specific products and, importantly, how to control these risks.

Failure to control food safety hazards can have devastating consequences for not only the consumer, but also the food manufacturer.

“The Australian food industry has an excellent reputation for manufacturing safe food products,” Dr Gobius says.

“Make It Safe provides a platform for even greater levels of food safety in Australia, reinforcing our position as a source of quality food products.”

Make It Safe, A Guide to Food Safety is available at all good bookstores and through CSIRO Publishing.

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