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A new universal analyzer platform, signed AppliTek


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AppliTek is proud to announce its new line of process analyzers, known by the generic name of UPA (Universal Process Analyzer) , for monitoring critical process parameters such as in the semiconductor, petrochemical, chemical, pulp &, paper, mining and surface treatment industries.

This range of analyzers complements the existing range of wet-chemical analyzers targeting mainly environmental applications and is expected to offer its users strong competitive advantage in terms of Cost of Ownership, precision and flexibility both in application as in system integration.

A new analyzer platform, yet in the well-known AppliTek industrial ergonomic analyzer housing, with a highly flexible software allows to monitor a large set of parameters, applicable on multiple streams and up to five (5) parameters in one single analyzer. Analysis methods include either titration, colorimetry or ISE, depending on parameter or measuring range.

The UPA process analyzer has officially been announced in April in Belgium, AppliTek’s domestic market, and will have large exposure during the 4rd International Distributor Meeting in June this year. In order to facilitate access to assistance and/or commissioning analyzer systems, AppliTek has been setting up a worldwide network of carefully selected partners. Due to the increasing interest of several geographical markets, the inquiries outside Belgium will be treated and followed up by this network.

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