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A New Year – Used machines!


Source: Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH

Special conditions for used machines

Because we want to save space and transport during our move to Igling, we are offering 25 of our used plants under special conditions!

Our used plants have got feelings and want to be used and so that they don´t just gather dust and pass on out of sadness you should have a quick look at our website and see if you can find the equipment that can help you fulfill your needs.

All plants have been generally re-conditioned and are equipped with new blade sets. In addition they can all be provided with new base, feed hopper and control system as required by the customer. For some of the plants used accessories are also available.

In particular the two mobile plants need a new home. One of them even has zero minutes operational time – do it a good turn and give it a chance!

Advantages of a used plant from Erdwich

  • Attractive offers make them less expensive than new equipment
  • General re-conditioning and comprehensive quality checks
  • Competent advice and, as needed, commissioning of the plant • Immediate availability
  • Fully functional and proven plants

Have a quick look at what we have on offer

  • Single shaft shredders
  • 2-shaft shredders
  • 3-shaft shredders
  • 2-shaft rippers
  • Hammer mills
  • Cardboard shredders
  • and complete shredding plants!


Do you need more info or have you already found the equipment you are looking for and want to call it your own?

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