A Novel Technology Will Generate 10 MW from Waste at the Veolia Site in Poland


Bioleux Polska, an exclusive licensee and a marketing representative in Poland for the French research firm ECP, has signed a Letter of Intent with Veolia Environnement, a French waste management corporation to build a waste-to-energy CHP plant in SW Poland, co-located on their landfill site.

The facility will be built next to the new Veolia waste-sorting plant, to be ready in Q3 2011.

The plant, using some tipping fees, will sell the 4 MW into the grid and sell some of the heat to local industrial neighbours.

The heart of the Bioleux proprietary technology is a patented electric gas scrubber, allowing the use of an unsophisticated gasifier to extract nearly all carbon from the feedstock. The hot and 'dirty' gas is then processed in the scrubber, where all the carbon is then converted with high efficiency to additional syngas, making unnecessary the conventional gas filtering and scrubbing systems.

The clean gas is then fed into a conventional generator set, with overall superior energy efficiency, capital equipment costs and practically no maintenance. The energy conversion efficiency of the scrubber exceeds 99%.

Bioleux is planning several similar biomass/waste CHP plants in the 1-5 MW(e) range across Poland and neighboring countries, thanks to a superior economics.

The technology also allows to produce liquid fuels through a proprietary modification of the Fischer-Tropsch process, as well as can be optimized to produce cheap biohydrogen for use in fuel cells, or to remove sulfur from high-sulfur feedstocks, such as lignite or tar sands.

'This ECP technology we are benefitting from is a truly disruptive technology as we no longer need to waste energy to extract oil in order to make biodiesel', said Martin Mizera, Bioleux's General Manager, a Canadian.

'Even though we have a lot of commercial inquiries, we're planning to build CHP plants primarily for our own account, based on the plentiful waste and biomass feedstocks in Central Europe', he observed.

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Press officer: Jan Czerny, jczerny@geprex.com

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