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A precious resource is falling out of the sky and right into the sewer


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Many cities in Canada have experienced alot of snowfall this year. It's common to see piles of snow stacked very high in parking lots, mountains of snow on the side on the road and in most cases cities have a snow landfill area. Most of this snow is polluted with rocks, dirt, gasoline, sand and oil to mention a few. Knowing that clean snow when melted is fresh water, wouldn’t it be great if we actually treated snow like a precious resource?

The Cascade Waste Water System has the capability of removing harmful toxins and debris from snow and turning it into clean water. This system is able to purify snow making it drinkable or usable in many different applications. The Cascade Waste Water System can turn dirty, contaminated snow into a usable resource.

In Alberta we often experience drought type weather during our summer months. The world around us experiences similar conditions along with having undrinkable salt water as the nearest water source. With our fresh water being contaminated every day and only having a small percentage of drinkable fresh water to begin with, technologies such as The Cascade Waste Water System are necessary to help us protect our precious resources.

The Cascade Waste Water System is capable of removing salt, hydrocarbons, NORMS, contaminants and harmful toxins and will turn snow into clean reusable water!

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