A professional HVAC and electrical solution!


Portable Air’s line of equipment is a great fit for factories, manufacturing plants, or any other industrial complexes where employee comfort and safety while avoiding downtime is key to maintaining manufacturing and processing productivity. No matter how new a building’s hvac or electrical system is, managers and business owners will face failure of this equipment as some point.

The solution comes from renting or owning supplemental or replacement equipment, from single spot cooler portable air conditioners, or something as large and complex as cooling towers or chilled water air handlers. A professional and reputable company like Portable Air can help with exactly that. Whether it’s a warehouse with temperature sensitive storage, a server room, class room, medical facility, or a full-fledged continuous production assembly line with dozens of workers, modern industry relies heavily on hvac and electricity. If one or both of these fail, business quickly grinds to a halt.

Whenever you have a problem or just a concern with any of your systems, call Portable Air for a free quote and information on a wide range of equipment including DX coolingair scrubber rentals, portable air conditioner rental, and commercial power generator rentals.

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