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A rapid technology for detection of threat contamiants in water


Source: Kingwood Diagnostics (an Aqua Survey, Inc company).

The IQ-TOX Threat Detection KitTM is a rapid toxicity detection system for accidental or intentional contamination of water at civilian, military, or commercial facilities. The performance of this kit has recently been evaluated by USEPA National Homeland Security Research Center under their Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV). The IQ-TOX Test successfully detected all test substances, including WMD's.

US EPA through their Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV), placed on high priority and evaluated eight commercially available rapid toxicity-testing systems. These systems were the Israeli Checklight Tox Screen II, British Severn Trent Eclox, Finnish Hidex Oy Bio-Tox and American systems made by Strategic Diagnostics Microtox and Deltatox, Hach Company Tox-Trax Intelab Plytox and Aqua Survey/Kingwood Diagnostics IQ-Tox. The systems where challenged with chemical poisons as well as WMD’s selected by a panel of experts, such as Aldicarb, Colchicine, Cyanide Botulinum toxin, Ricin, Soman ,VX as well as others. EPA has already issued their final report on these technologies.
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All the test kits that underwent verification, were not designed nor previously tested against weaponized chemicals due to the inaccessibility of these tightly controlled compounds. A serious concern is that some of the test kits that did not perform well in the ETV study, are presently in use with the intent to protect public water supplies at some major cities. Only one technology responded to all of the chemicals. That technology is called the IQ-TOX TestTM. Not only was the IQ-TOX TestTM fully responsive but it did so with a good safety margin.

Further information on the IQ-TOX TestTM can be viewed at . The site has a demonstration video of the technology being performed at Battelle Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio during the actual ETV verification testing program.

The IQ-TOX TestTM is a new technology in the marketplace that could give us some peace of mind as it relates to rapid identification of threat contaminants in water supply thereby helping to protect the public against acts of water terrorism.

At our site you'll find some additional technical information and a comparative matrix that shows all the technologies and their margin of safety side by side.

A number of water utilities in the US are daily users of IQ-Tox as well as facilities in Australia, Puerto Rico and Italy.

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