A Resource for Environmental Guidelines and Standards


Source: Esdat Environmental Data Software

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, United Kingdom and Malaysia.

ESdat environmental software have compiled a free resource of environmental guidelines and standards for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, United Kingdom and Malaysia. They can be opened in Excel, reviewed, and imported directly into ESdat. Users can also compile their own using these as a guide.

The online environmental standards provide professionals with links to the publishers, and the original standards documents compiled into Excel for ease of use.

Guidelines that have been compiled include:
•   Australia: NEPM, ANZECC 2000, Australian Drinking Water 04, Recreational water quality and aesthetics, NSW Service Stations, NSW Waste Guide, Victorian Waste Classification, WA Assessment levels for Soil, Sediment & Water Quality, SA Standard for the production and use of Waste Derived Fill, SA Environmental Protection Water Quality 2003
•   US: EPA Regions 3,6,9 RSL, California Water Quality MCLs, Federal Water Quality MCLs
•   Canada: Canadian Drinking Water, CWQG Water Aquatic Life, CSQG Soil, CSQG Sediment, Federal Interim Groundwater Quality Guidelines, Alberta Teir 1 Soil and Groundwater, Alberta Teir 2 Soil and Groundwater, BC Sch 4 Soil, BC Sch 5 Matrix Soil, BC Sch 6 Water, Ontario Reg 347 Sch 4 Leachate, Ontario 4697 Soil, Groundwater & Sediment, Ontario 7382 Soil, Groundwater & Sediment, Ontario 3303 Water Quality Objectives
•   Dutch: New Dutch List
•   UK: Landfill Directive, including EQS, Drinking, World Health Organisation, Soil Guideline Values, CL:AIR GAC
•   Malaysia: Groundwater Guidelines

The guidelines are available at http://esdat.net/Environmental_Standards.aspx

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