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A Scarab Magnum Unidrive for Caerphilly


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Located at the southern end of the Rhymney Valley in South Wales, bordering the City of Cardiff and County of Monmouthshire, Caerphilly County Borough Council has recently taken delivery of a new Scarab Magnum Unidrive on Daf LF 15 tonne chassis, It directly replaces their previous seven year old Scarab Magnum which provided such sterling service. It's easy to see why the Magnum was chosen again with a superb 7.5 ton payload, 1800litres of water and a 7.2 metre hopper capacity.

The Magnum Unidrive has a power take off system with pumps fitted to the back of the engine providing the necessary hydraulic power needed to drive the sweeper, allowing operator's to start and stop sweeping on the move at the touch of a single button. This, allied to the nine speed gearbox means the Magnum can function at very low speeds without having to use the clutch. Provided by Gulliver's Truck Hire Ltd, it joins a fleet of two Scarab Merlin XP truck mounted sweepers and three Scarab Minor compacts, all tasked with keeping clean the borough's 106 sq miles.

Pictured standing by the new sweeper is Caerphilly's main Magnum operator, Neil Smallman. Operator training was undertaken for Neil and several of his colleagues by Scarab's trainer Micky Roots .'

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