A Scottish first for the Self Closing Flood Barrier


The Freuchie Mill area in Fife Scotland, has long been prone to flooding and many residents in the community have learnt to live with the daily fear of heavy rainfall which could bring further damage and misery to their lives.
However, for some in properties owned by Kingdom Housing Association, the need to respond to the sound of the flood air horn at Freuchie Mill, will now be a thing of the past, following the successful installation of Scotland's first Self Closing Flood Barrier.

Working with local contractors Thomas Menzies and engineering firm Scott Bennett, the world acclaimed and innovative Self Closing Flood Barrier was commissioned with the help of the Glenrothes Fire & Rescue service.

This unique passive flood defence system uses the power of the rising flood water to automatically deploy the barrier, which rises like a floating wall always staying ahead of the flood.

Frank Kelly, UK Flood Barriers CEO said: 'We are delighted to be here today to witness this as a 'Scottish first' for passive flood defence systems. The Self Closing Flood Barrier is an extremely versatile and dynamic structure that can be installed along any waterway, in coastal defences, to surround low lying buildings and protect vital installations.

With serious flood events on the increase around the world, our unique flood defence systems are perfectly placed to help minimize the devastation caused by extreme high waters or flash flooding.'

The barrier at Freuchie Mill is just 2 metres wide but it will provide the residents with continuous peace of mind for many years to come.

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