A stainless tank for a carbon steel price from World Water Works, Inc.


Source: World Water Works, Inc.

World Water Works is now proudly introducing a tank technology to the US marketplace which will revolutionize the industry. The “DOUBLE FOLD” technology was developed overseas in 1970. With over 500 tanks in service all over the world and the ability to provide stainless steel metallurgy at comparable pricing to epoxy coated bolt together tanks,
WWW is confident you will be as excited as we are about the technology.


• Stainless Steel Internal Metallurgy
• Attractive Capital Costs
• Short Assembly Times
• Long Operating Life
• High Structural Stability
• Inseparable And Durable Connection
• Smooth Interior Tank Surface


The world-wide patented and applied construction process of the tanks makes automatic and efficient on-site manufacture of a wide variety of cylindrical tanks possible in a short period of time; for infinitely variable diameter sizes between 10 feet and 125 feet. All the machine partsneeded for assembly are taken to the respective site in compact form and are assembled on site within a very short period of time. To attain a perfectly tight fit with liquid tanks, a permanently elastic sealing compound with high chemical and physical durability is used. This takes place immediately prior to the folding process. In comparison with conventional methods of tank construction, assembly time is considerably shorter owing to automated production.


Choice of the optimum material is an important quality criterion in the construction of tanks designed for holding liquids. A specialized process has been developed mating a thin layer of stainless steel to a base layer of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel thickness or gauge can be adjusted to meet varying seismic requirements of a project. Thus, the
high costs of stainless steel remains minimized. The most important aspect of this process is that the entire interior smooth tank surface is stainless steel.


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