A success story of OiRA in France


INRS is EU-OSHA´s partner in France and has published three Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools so far: road transport, catering and car repair.

INRS along with its partners has made a big effort to integrate the OiRA tools into a global OSH programme. For instance, the sectors for which OiRA tools have been developed are among the 4 priority activity sectors in the OSH French strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises. OiRA tools are part of the specific actions planned for improving OSH in these sectors and in 2014-2015, INRS is providing promotional material to endorse the tools to every regional OSH insurance office in France.

Active promotion of the tools is what increases the number of companies using OiRA tools for assessing their risks. That proves that – even if challenging– it is possible to make micro and small companies take action

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