A Truly International EHS Training Course - NOSA® and Enhesa® Join Forces!

JOHANNESBURG and WASHINGTON, March 12, 2013 /PR Newswire/ --

SAMTRAC International, the first Global Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Training Program with local regulatory content, has been launched by NOSA and Enhesa.

NOSA, a leading global supplier of occupational risk management services & solutions and Enhesa, the leading global EHS regulatory compliance consultancy, today announced a strategic partnership to launch the first truly global EHS training program.

NOSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of MICROmega Holdings Limited, a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and provides services to clients on five continents. Over the past 50 years, NOSA's SAMTRAC training course has been a cornerstone to the development of the EHS profession in South Africa and the decision to create SAMTRAC International was driven by the demand for the course from NOSA's international client base.

SAMTRAC International is today available to companies on a state-of-the-art, e-learning platform and, through the partnership with Enhesa, incorporates local EHS legislation. This combination of ease-of-use, country-specific details as well as globally-located examination centers makes this course the first globally-equivalent training on the market and allows multinational corporations the ability to use SAMTRAC International as the benchmark EHS training course across all their sites.

'We are proud to state that throughout the development of SAMTRAC International we have partnered with service providers, such as Cornerstone and Enhesa, which are leaders in their field to produce a product that will make a positive contribution to the EHS industry as a whole.' – Duncan Carlisle, Chairman, NOSA (PTY) Ltd.

Thierry Dumortier, Managing Director of Enhesa added, 'the unique quality of SAMTRAC International is that learners are able to select legislation that is applicable to both their country and language, while the course content covers critical aspects of EHS management. This allows businesses worldwide to have a one-stop shop for training their employees located in any jurisdiction in the world.'

SAMTRAC International is expected to also be available in Mandarin and Portuguese within the first quarter of 2013 and additional languages will be developed during the second half of the year. SAMTRAC International maintains a commitment to assisting in the development of the EHS profession and ensuring that the workplace becomes a safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly place for all workers. 

About Enhesa

Enhesa is the leading environmental, health and safety consulting firm, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to businesses worldwide. Over the past 20 years, Enhesa has built a knowledgebase of EHS regulations which includes the 'What' of business requirements, the 'How' to develop cost-effective solutions and the 'When' of enforcement activities in over 160 countries and jurisdictions.  Enhesa combines a unique knowledgebase with an in-house team of 75 dedicated experts from more than 40 different countries and a network of more than 300 local experts and consultants.  No other company or institution has anything remotely similar.  Enhesa works for a number of top multinational companies including: GE, Eaton, Illumina, Ingersoll Rand, Bristol Myers Squibb, Alcatel Lucent, , Exxon Mobil, P&G, Motorola, and UTC, just to name a very few.  Over 7,000 EHS managers rely on Enhesa.  More info at: www.enhesa.com

About NOSA

NOSA is the leading global supplier of occupational risk management services and solutions, and is proudly one of the most recognized brands in the HSEQ risk management industry. It is the exclusive provider of both the NOSA Five Star Grading System and SAMTRAC.

As an organization, we strive to enhance the values of the occupational risk management industry, along with ensuring the industry, as a whole, continues to grow and develop. Our experience and knowledge, gained over the past 60 years, has also enabled us to provide flexible and tailor made solutions to our extensive client base. NOSA provides training to over 40,000 individuals on an annual basis and conducts in excess of 2,000 site assessments. NOSA's clients include large multi-national corporates such as SABMiller, Goldfields, Freeport McMoRan, Shenhua Guohua Power, Nestle, Unilever, BHP Billiton and De Beers. More info at: http://www.nosaworld.com


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