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A UK first for WRc’s Waste Testing Laboratory


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WRc’s laboratories have received the first Third Party Accreditation from UKAS on its waste testing capabilities. This national third party accreditation will be used by WRc to demonstrate the performance of staff and laboratories, giving clients enhanced confidence in the quality of the results from their waste and treatment technology investigations.

Peter Mills who is the Commercial Director for New Earth Solutions (NES) comments “Third party accreditation of WRc’s testing services confirms the competence, impartiality and performance capability of the team and these laboratories. We look forward to continuing our relationship with WRc.”

With Caroline Spelman, Environment Secretary, announcing the new Governments’ waste policy review and working towards making the country a “zero waste economy” further emphasis will undoubtedly be placed on reducing recyclable and biodegradable material going into landfill.

Through its team of scientists and process engineers, WRc specialises in understanding and testing waste characteristics to enable maximum waste reuse and its diversion from landfill. With some 80 years experience in waste testing plus the lab scale and pilot plant facilities, WRc is also able to trial conventional and novel technologies developed to achieve this new vision.

Local Authority client Greig Blayney Principal Officer Waste Policy adds “Dumfries and Galloway Council are always keen to work with companies that offer a professional service and best value. We have worked with WRc for the last 2 years and have always enjoyed a good working relationship. We have found the company flexible to our needs and capable of undertaking the required work to a high standard.'

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