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A universal detector : the TCD


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Our R&D team is working on the im­provement of a Chroma TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) with very high sensitivity.

This on-line and continuous analyzer is working with a catharometer as detector. It can detect all kind of compounds depending of the options.

We propose several applications such as : measu­rement of hydrogen impurities in helium, pure gas quality control (UHP : Ultra High Purity), O2/CO2/CO control, Ne/He/H2/O2/N2 separation in less than 15min, laboratory process … 

To open a new range of applications, we de­veloped two analyzers working with argon or helium as carrier gas (e.g. argon as carrier gas will avoid oxygen interference). Both systems have detection range from very low ppm to %. An automatic cleaning method is available to clean the column by heat treatment.

The instrument can be set in an explosive proof cabi­net (CSA international) : Class 1, Div 2, Group C&D, T3 to be used in an explosive atmosphere.

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