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A Vertical Bar Screen replaces a Curved Screen


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We just replaced a curved screen from another supplier by one of our vertical Bar Screens, in a wastewater treatment plant. The package includes a Bar Screen and a Screw Conveyor, allowing the dicharge of the waste into a trash bin located on the side of the channel.

Project Description:

  • Supply of a Bar Screen Type NG11
  • Full Stainless Steel 304L, Bar Spacing 10 mm, Depth 1000 mm, Width 930mm, Flow 200 m3/h
  • Option: Freeze Protection by heating element
  • Supply of a Screw Conveyor Type VTP150, full stainless steel 304L
  • Design and supply of the Control Panel, to operate the Bar Screen and the Screw Conveyor,
  • Installation performed by one of our technicians.

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