a1-cbiss return to Safety & Health Expo


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The Safety and Health Expo has moved to London, but don't worry, we're going with it.

On the a1-cbiss stand we'll have a complete range of fixed gas systems and portable gas monitors including a groundbreaking technology for the detection of airborne Peracetic Acid - The ChemDAQ Steri-Trac. Already installed in 3 major bottling plants across the UK, the ChemDAQ has seen notable success, but what makes it so popular? To provide employee protection, whilst still maintaining a sterile area, the Steri-Trac displays real-time Peracetic Acid values and alarms when exposure levels are too high and utilises a smart sensor exchange program to make onsite maintenance a breeze.

In addition to this we will also be showcasing the BM 25 Area Gas Monitor. Capable of monitoring 1-5 gases and now part of the Oldham Gas Detection Family, the BM 25 is ideal for rapid deployment in hazardous temporary working areas. We'll also have a representative from Oldham on the stand throughout the show to answer any queries you may have.

And keep your eyes peeled because we've got exciting developments about one of the gas detectors featured on our stand......... follow us on twitter to be the first to know @a1cbiss

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