Aanderaa Data Instruments has the pleasure of inviting you to lunch and presentations at OI 2012


Our presentations are divided into two separate sessions; “News” and “Engineering Solutions and Real Time”.

11.00-12.00 News

The main part of the presentation will be about new developments including:

  • SMARTGUARD; the new ultra-flexible logger and some of the applications it is used in
  • Latest Oxygen Optode featuring improved accuracy and even better long-term stability
  • New versions of smart sensors including vented pressure sensor and sensors for Hadal

(pressure rated to 12 000 m) depths

SEAGUARD® is well established as a flexible data logger in a wide range of environments from shallow coastal waters to the deep sea. Year after year and in test after test SEAGUARD® current meters stand out as reliable, low noise-high accuracy instruments that can handle all types of mooring movements. We will present results from recent deep-sea current meter inter-comparisons and tow tank tests.

12.00-13.00 Lunch

Lunch is for everyone who has signed up for either of our sessions.

13.00-14.00 Engineering solutions and real time

Aanderaa is well known for adaptive, flexible, high quality products for rough environments. Built on

the Aanderaa products, our Systems department has delivered a wide range of system applications

which are based on:

  • the adaptable, multi-parameter platforms from Aanderaa
  • the Aanderaa real-time system backbone
  • expandability with third party sensor technology for specialized applications
  • well proven communication solutions
  • presentation of data

A wide range of projects utilizing the Aanderaa products will be presented to illustrate the capabilities of our systems.

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