ABB emissions monitoring system helps clear the air in Chile


Source: ABB

The solution is a vital component in Polpaico’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at its Cerro Blanco cement plant near Santiago and help Chile’s leading cement manufacturer improve air quality in the country’s most populous region. According to the World Health Organization, air quality in Santiago rates among the world's worst. That is largely because greater Santiago is built in a trough-like depression between two mountain ranges, which traps polluted air over the city and prevents its dispersal.

Levels of PM10 (particulate matter of 10 micrometers or less), ozone and carbon monoxide are almost double what they should be. As a first step, the regional government has set aggressive targets to reduce emissions of PM10 and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 50 percent by 2010.

Reduction targets
In addition, Holcim, the world’s leading cement manufacturer and the parent company of Polpaico, has initiated a program to reduce emissions at its cement plants worldwide. In particular it is targeting a reduction in emissions of NOx, sulfur dioxide and dust of 20 percent by 2010.

ABB’s emissions monitoring solution is playing a key role in helping Polpaico and Holcim comply with these targets.

ABB is the market and technology leader in stack gas monitoring systems and a pioneer in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) technology

The solution is based on ABB’s powerful ACF-NT emissions monitoring system, which performs continuous, quantitative and selective measurement of multi-component exhaust gases in complex applications like municipal and hazardous waste incinerators, cement kilns, combustion power plants, and steel and aluminum smelters.

An advanced solution
Polpaico selected the ABB solution on the recommendation of parent company Holcim and because a previously selected solution by a competing vendor was not able to meet Polpaico’s evolving and advanced requirements.

Integrated with ABB’s Extended Automation System 800xA – which Polpaico recently selected as its plant distributed control system - the ACF-NT emissions monitoring system enables Polpaico, among other things, to report relevant emissions data to the government authorities and Holcim.

ABB’s continuous emission monitoring system uses highly accurate and proven FTIR technology to detect and measure up to 12 gas components in the lowest part per million concentrations. The Polpaico installation is one of more than 500 FTIR spectrometer solutions that ABB has supplied to customers worldwide.

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