ABIH® Celebrates Labor Day and the Health & Safety of Workers

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene® (ABIH®) thanks the industrial hygiene community for protecting workers and communities across the globe.

Lansing, MI -- Labor Day marks the end of summer vacations for many and the last holiday weekend before the start of autumn. The holiday was created to celebrate the social and economic achievements of workers and is an annual tribute to their contributions to the strength and prosperity of the nation.

Many of these workers face inherent dangers every day.  As recently as 2013, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reported that 4,585 workers died on the job that year in the United States.  Globally, the public was recently reminded of the potential severity of work-related hazards when a series of explosions at a chemical storage facility in Tianjin killed over 120 people and injured dozens in the Chinese port city.

“Making a living shouldn't have to cost you your life. Workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses are preventable. Safe jobs happen because employers make the choice to fulfill their responsibilities and protect their workers,” reports Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health.

“In recognition of workers across the globe, the American Board of Industrial Hygiene® thanks all those who produce the services and products that society depends on,” said Nicole Greeson, CIH® and Chair of ABIH®. “We also celebrate the dedicated individuals from the industrial hygiene community and Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) who work to protect and enhance the health, safety and environment of people and their communities. Close to 7,000 CIHs work in the public and private sectors for companies, institutions and government agencies across the globe.  Their dedication has been instrumental in preventing countless fatalities and injuries.” 

To learn more about the American Board of Industrial Hygiene®, Certified Industrial Hygienist® credential or to locate a CIH® to perform industrial hygiene services, please visit www.ABIH.org, email abih@ABIH.org or call (517) 321-2638.

About the American Board of Industrial Hygiene®

Since 1960, ABIH®, a not-for-profit corporation, has been the world's largest, premier organization for certifying professionals in the practice of industrial hygiene. ABIH® is responsible for ensuring high-quality certification including education, experience, examination, certification maintenance and ethics enforcement.  Currently, more than 6800 people are certified to use the CIH® designation.

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