ABLE measures capital flow


Source: Able Instruments & Controls Ltd

ABLE is pleased to announce the order award by Morgan Est for flow metering systems in the Thames Water London Ring Main extension.

The Ring Main was built to improve the speed and efficiency of moving drinking water throughout the capital. The current ring main is 50 miles long and runs underneath London at an average depth of 40 metres. The tunnel is wide enough to allow a car to pass through and is built in a ring so that water can flow in either direction. If a section is taken out of service for maintenance, supplies can still be delivered to every area of London. The extension, taking place in North-East and South-East London, will assist Thames Water to meet the capital’s growing water demand.

ABLE Instruments has already successfully supplied and installed their Contact Tank Flow meters at the Coppermills Pumping Station, so it is not surprising the company were asked to supply further Multiple Path Transit-Time Flow Measurement Systems for the extension.

The flow meters are generally used in large pipes, channels, buried conduits and rivers for high-accuracy flow rate measurement. The systems use the multiple-parallel-path acoustic transit-time method to measure flow velocities at discrete elevations in the measurement section. Real-time flow rates are determined by integration of the flow velocity profile achieving accuracy of up to 0.5% of flow rate.

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