ABN2ZA- my, haven’t you grown up!


Source: Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

One of Peak Scientific’s best known and loved products is the NM20ZA Nitrogen Generator. This generator model was designed in the year 2000 to cater for the requirements of Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex LCMS Applications.

However, time does not stand still and as Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex have further developed their applications, more and more gas was required- so much so, that the NM20ZA could no longer cater for the requirements of all API Models, but was limited to the range up to the API4000.

As such it was time for Peak Scientific to let the NM20ZA grow up and redevelop it in such a way that it could provide curtain, source and exhaust gas to the entire range, including the latest API5500.

The result is the brand new ABN2ZA Nitrogen Generator. Like the NM20ZA, which is still going to be available, this new model provides a source of Nitrogen gas as well as 2 independent supplies of clean, dry air, however, additional features make this generator model so special:

  • Smaller in size – fits under a standard lab bench 
  • Quieter in operation – noise level reduced from 59 db(A) to 54 db(A) 
  • Anti- Vibration – maximum reduction of vibration 
  • Service Indication – allowing you to plan your maintenance and keep your LCMS uptime at a maximum 
  • Improved Drainage – Reduction of moisture carry over and thus increased reliability 
  • Stream Re- Heat – improves membrane performance and reliability 
  • New Control System – improves safety and reliability of units

With the ABN2ZA based on proven technology, it selectively removes oxygen, moisture and other gases to leave clean, dry, phthalate free Nitrogen and Dry Air. Two internal air compressors make this unit independent from in- house air supplies and fitted castors allow the user to easily position the unit in the lab. The unit has further been approved by Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex to supply curtain, source and exhaust gas to their LCMS Applications.

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