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Abseiling & roped access used for bird control and so much more


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Here at Eco Environmental we regularly have to utilise abseiling and rope access to install our bird control netting on buildings.

It can provide a cost efficient alternative to expensive scaffolding. These methods can also be used when traditional forms of access such as scaffolding and mobile hoists are prohibited or inappropriate.

Other examples of abseiling & rope access bird control work

We recently completed successful bird netting works to the 110 year old Cathedral in Leeds, you can read more about this here.

Utilisation of rope access for vegetation work

Eco Environmental Services were called upon by a regular client to remove vegetation from an historic site in Barnsley.

The culvert, an old mine drainage shaft, had become overgrown and as part of the restoration of the site needed to be opened up to make it part of the attraction.

Using our roped access trained technicians we safely accessed the shaft and removed all vegetation to leave the culvert looking splendid.

Roped access used for bird deterrents and so much more

All our technicians are IRATA trained and experienced in many different skills to provide a comprehensive service from the smallest repair project to complete exterior building and structural surveys.

Below are just some of the way in which we can help:

  • Bird deterrent & safety net installation
  • Concrete repairs re-pointing, gutter and roof repairs, painting, cleaning
  • Sign and banner installation
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Rigging work, steel erection, steel removal
  • Silo cleaning/repairs/inspection/installation of temperature probes
  • Pipe work inspection, visual inspection of flare stacks and chimneys

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