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AbTech Industries` UK Distributor Launches Product Line in Response to Regulatory Opportunity


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SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (Marketwire) -- 06/16/11 -- AbTech Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: ABHD) ('AbTech' or the 'Company') is pleased to advise that after positive in-ground test results, the Company's U.K. Distributor is launching a new line of 'SmartGullies' products compliant with recently legislated regulatory surface water standards enacted throughout the U.K. and many other European nations.

Since July of 2009, Bristol-based Smart Sponge Products Ltd. ('SSPL') has enjoyed exclusive rights to distribute Smart Sponge® products across the U.K. and Ireland. During this period, SSPL has customized Smart Sponge® products to meet the regulatory requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) which imposes a legal duty on its members to improve standards of surface water runoff by 2015. The legislation to enforce these new rules has been enacted with 2012 deemed as the year when specific plans must be in place to ensure compliance.

High concentrations of hydrocarbons in surface water is one of the key pollutants identified by the WFD and Smart Sponge® technology is uniquely positioned to provide both economic and environmentally beneficial solutions to this problem.

To provide perspective regarding the scope of the opportunity, Wiltshire County identified 55,000 existing gully locations that could benefit from Smart Sponge® treatment. Other Councils such as Cambridgeshire has over 100,000 gully locations and Nottinghamshire has over 95,000 gully locations and an estimated 3,000,000 gully locations exist in the greater London area alone. In the U.K. many smaller 'gullies' are used in place of drain openings or curb openings as typically seen in the U.S. to move stormwater.

During proof-of-concept testing, Wiltshire County Council partnered with SSPL to assess Smart Sponge® performance in 17 locations, including 16 existing gullies and an oil water interceptor, over a 12-month period. Hydrocarbon contamination averaged 8,500 ppm with a high of 24,000 ppm. After six months Smart Sponge® had dramatically reduced the level of hydrocarbons to 0.200 ppm and at 12-months to 0.009 ppm. Sarah Peterson, Technical Assistant of Wiltshire County, commented, 'Smart Sponge® has shown excellent results throughout our entire trial. I have been impressed with every aspect of Smart Sponge®, especially the ease of using and in maintaining the product. I am very much looking forward to the next developments of Smart Sponge® within Wiltshire.'

SSPL and their commercialization partners are committed to bringing AbTech's innovative products to market in order to coincide with WFD legislation by ensuring forecast inventory levels are met and by moving quickly to educate their extensive customer base on the exceptional benefits of the Smart Sponge® product range.

As part of the overall strategy to capitalize on the extraordinary opportunity presented by the incoming legislation, plans are firmly in place to ensure SmartGullies will be followed swiftly by the introduction of a range of Smart Filters designed for end-of-pipe solutions where treatment at source is either impractical or uneconomical and are slated to be launched in tandem with a range of Smart Sponge® Interceptor Enhancers to improve Oil Water Separator performance whilst dramatically reducing maintenance costs.

Additional details regarding the company's business, finances, appointments and agreements can be found as part of the company's continuous public disclosure as a reporting issuer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission's ('SEC') EDGAR database. For more information about the Company, visit: www.abtechindustries.com.

About Abtech Holdings (OTCBB: ABHD) and AbTech Industries
AbTech Industries, Inc. (a subsidiary of Abtech Holdings Inc.) is an environmental technologies firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to communities, industry and governments addressing issues of water pollutants and contamination. Its products are based on polymer technologies capable of removing hydrocarbons, sediment and other foreign elements from still water (ponds, lakes and marinas) or flowing water (curbside drains, pipe outflows, rivers and oceans). Smart Sponge Plus contains an antimicrobial agent that is effective in reducing coliform bacteria found in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater. AbTech's Smart Sponge technology is installed in more than 15,000 locations across America and in 8 countries worldwide. For more information please visit: www.abtechindustries.com.

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