ABUTEC awarded enclosed flare project at the World's largest wastewater treatment plant


ABUTEC was selected to supply two (2) High Temperature Enclosed Flares (HTF) to the world's largest wastewater treatment plant!

ABUTEC, an acronym for Advanced Burner Technologies, is an international manufacturer of Environmentally Friendly Combustion Solutions. ABUTEC specializes in offering high efficiency, low emission, burners and flares to various industry segments and applications. ABUTEC manufactures Infrared Burners, Enclosed Flares, Vapor Combustors, Incinerators, Thermal Oxidizers, and CHP 'Gas-to-Energy' systems all aimed at reducing plant emissions and increasing efficiency.ABUTEC was selected to supply  two (2) High Temperature Flare (HTF) units to the World's largest wastewater treatment plant! 


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  1. By Adriano Vieira on

    Name/location of the WWTP???