ABUTEC On Deck for Oil & Gas Awards


ABUTEC is excited to announce that we have been selected as finalists in two categories for the 2015 Oil & Gas Awards. The Oil & Gas Awards recognizes outstanding achievements made within the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. ABUTEC has been selected as a finalist for Industry Supplier of the Year in the Rocky Mountain Region and as Manufacturer of the Year for the Gulf Coast Region. What a great way to kick off 2015!

Manufacturer of the Year
The Manufacturer of the Year Award recognizes a manufacturing company that has made an outstanding contribution to the oil and gas industry in a specific region. ABUTEC applied for this award based upon our newly released High Pressure Solutions, which allow companies to combust high pressure and high flow produced gas. Our High Pressure Solutions are EPA and Quad O compliant, which demonstrates efforts of ABUTEC minimizing environmental impact.

The Manufacturer of the Year Award also looks for outstanding service, which ABUTEC offers all our customers throughout the oil and gas industry. Because we customize units based on individual sites and customer needs, ABUTEC is able to offer the products and services that our partners require.

Further criteria for this award include an innovative and progressive culture geared toward improving and inventing new products. This comes standard for ABUTEC through our manufacturing and corporate production engineers. Because ABUTEC engineers are an integral part of the design and build process, our customers can be assured they’re getting the latest combustion technology. Additionally, ABUTEC has strategically placed its manufacturing plant less than two hours away from its headquarters, further supporting an integrated approach.

Lastly, the Manufacturer of the Year Award looks for a manufacturing company that has a solid health and safety record. In ABUTEC’s seven years of manufacturing history, no working days have been lost due to work-time accidents.

Industry Supplier of the Year
The Industry Supplier of the Year Award recognizes suppliers of materials and equipment in the oil and gas industry throughout the region. This award acknowledges competitive pricing structures, which is a cornerstone of ABUTEC’s product line. Similarly, the Industry Supplier Award recognizes an excellent stock availability and delivery service. ABUTEC excels in this arena by manufacturing and producing our products right here in the United States, which allows for faster shipping.

Further, ABUTEC began an initiative in 2014 to offer localized service hubs, beginning with our Greeley, Colorado hub, which strengthens service capabilities in the region. These service hubs are home to a yard large enough to house ABUTEC products. The proximity of these service hubs to ABUTEC clients provides even faster delivery of products and parts, and allows service technicians to quickly attend to equipment and service needs.

A specific shipping challenge recently overcome by the ABUTEC team included shipping out eight truckloads the day before Christmas Eve in the pouring rain in order to ensure that ABUTEC customers had their product ready for installation right after Christmas. Weather and business hours do not stand in the way of getting product to our customers.

Two criteria that both these awards share is exemplary customer service and support and a clear commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. ABUTEC provides exemplary customer service and support through our 24/7 on-call assistance, remote service and monitoring and on-site training. ABUTEC engages with the community by utilizing Chattanooga State Community College to source job candidates for electrical assembly positions in ABUTEC’s new control panel shop. This partnership is mutually beneficial for both ABUTEC and the community college in that the community college is able to further educate their students by acclimating students to a working culture in order to further excel in their chosen craft, and ABUTEC finds quality employees. ABUTEC has employed two graduates from the community college and will look there as new positions become available. Further, in 2014 ABUTEC partnered with SM Energy for the “Big Sky Birds and Birdies” sporting clay shoot and golf scramble. This event benefited the Montana Hope Project, which provides wishes to critically ill children in Montana.

Lastly, this year’s Oil & Gas Awards theme is health and safety, environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. This theme goes hand in hand with ABUTEC’s mission of being an innovator in the oil and gas, landfill and biogas industries through development and manufacturing of safety conscious, high-quality, environmentally friendly enclosed combustion devices.

Although ABUTEC meets criteria for the Oil & Gas Awards, this criteria comes standard at ABUTEC and is what sets us apart from the competition. We are honored by this recognition and look forward to the awards announcement in March!

ABUTEC, an acronym for Advanced Burner Technologies, is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly combustion solutions. ABUTEC specializes in offering high-efficiency, low-emission burners and flares to various industries, including oil & gas (upstream and midstream), biogas, landfill gas, waste-water treatment, mine gas and many more. ABUTEC manufactures burners, enclosed combustors/flares, vapor combustors, incinerators and thermal oxidizers, all aimed at reducing emissions and increasing destruction efficiency.

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